The market we serve can be divided into 3 main sectors;

The Corporate market is probably the most diverse where virtually anything can be considered engravable in the form of corporate gifts alone. Pens, plaques, memory sticks, brief cases, diaries; the list is almost endless. Outside of these items, there is also general signage in the form of room and office or conference name plaques, trophies, and many other applications. Largely, engraved items in this market have an advertising and branding motive. The popular domed name badge also falls into this sector.

The Industrial sector’s engraving needs are required as part of their products’ specifications. These are generally electrical tags where the marking or inscription needs to be of a permanent nature; printing is not acceptable. From a mechanical point of view, these tags are generally pre-printed that allow for the engraving of model numbers, serial numbers etc., and is mostly done in batches where these numbers are incremental. The can be found on electrical distribution boards, electrical motors, machine parts, vehicles and trailers, etc.

The Personal market is much like the Corporate market in that virtually anything is engravable, and is mostly done to add additional value to the item or the occasion it represents. It includes jewelry, trophies, metal flasks, knives, guns, cigarette lighters,  pens, and a host of other items.

Virtually any substrate can be engraved upon within reason, although some offer a better end result and finish than others.  Brass, stainless steel, aluminium (brushed and anodized), and steel, are a few of the engravable metals, while virtually any rigid plastic can be engraved.
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